Ciro was established in 1917 and continues its reputation for high-quality imitation jewellery and pearls. The brand started out as a mail-order company selling fashion jewellery, clip-on earrings, and cultured pearls, and with the launch of the imitation pearl in the 1920s CIRO became a much sought-after brand with the elegant flapper girls and early film stars. Always with an eye on the latest advances, CIRO was keen to adopt cubic zirconia in the 1970s when a breakthrough in technology meant it became difficult for the naked eye to differentiate between synthetic stones and diamonds. CIRO's classic collections - embodying timeless and ladylike glamour - now sit alongside must-have fashion pieces, some of which  have featured on the pages of glossy magazines such as Tatler and Vogue.

CIRO's flagship store is located on the prestigious Burlington Arcade in the heart of London, where they proudly rub shoulders with some of the finest jewellers in the world. Best known for their premium quality sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewellery and a wide selection of pearls CIRO remains affordably extravagant. Whether you are gifting someone you love or treating yourself, all CIRO jewellery is beautifully presented to ensure every item is truly special. 



Cubic Zirconia Collections

Due to advances in technology, it has become increasingly difficult for the naked eye to differentiate between natural diamonds and cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a man-made material that is optically flawless that can either be colourless or produced in a variety of shades in order to emulate other fine stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Since launching in the 1970s, the cubic zirconia has remained an important competitor to the diamond due to its affordability, durability and close visual similarity.

 Our high quality AAA cubic zirconia stones will not discolour or cloud like other inferior quality stones. Hand-cut and polished by master diamond setters to achieve as close a resemblance to the real thing, the stones are then set in sterling silver and plated in rhodium or 18 carat yellow gold. Rhodium, a relation of platinum, is an extremely hard-wearing white metal which ensures our pieces resemble precious jewellery and prevents tarnishing. Our stones are claw-set in order to encourage light reflection and maximise sparkle.

 CIRO continues its reputation as a leading producer of imitation jewellery. Many of our customers enjoy wearing our jewellery alongside their fine jewellery or choose CIRO when travelling and their 'real' pieces are safely tucked away in a bank vault.


Imitation Pearls

Available in a wide range of lengths and lustres, CIRO's imitation pearls have always been highly regarded for their quality. Unlike many imitation pearl makers, we use glass beads instead of plastic, which adds weight and improves the overall look and feel. The glass beads are then coated with layers of pearl essence – a lacquer providing a deep shine and lustre and acting as a convincing imitation of a vastly more expensive cultured pearl. We guarantee our stringing/knotting for six months and also offer this as a service if you need them repaired outside this time.


Shell Pearls

Sea Shell Pearls are created by repeatedly dipping a round matrix bead into a glowing, brilliantly colored solution of binders and crushed mother of pearl. They are polished and dipped, again and again, until they reach the size desired. They are very heavy, often much heavier than real pearls.


Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are farmed pearls grown inside mussels. An extremely popular alternative to the natural pearl, freshwater pearls are available in a vast range of colours and sizes with their shape varying between irregular to the smoother Baroque shape.


Fashion and Costume Jewellery

Our fashion pieces, including beads, are the perfect way to accessorize an outfit. Items from our costume collection are made from base metal with either a silver or yellow gold plated finish and often include crystals for an added touch of glamour. All fashion jewellery will arrive packaged in CIRO's famous pink boxes. 


Clip Earrings

Many of our competitors do not stock clip earring in their ranges. CIRO is a renowned specialist of clip earrings, offering customers a wide selection of pearl, cubic zirconia and fashion styles that are noted for their comfort thanks to being fitted with comfort pads.