In order to protect the lustre, pearls should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth after each wearing. As with all jewellery, pearls should never come into contact with make-up or perfume due to possible discolouration. Imitation and shell pearls are especially sensitive to this due to their coating. Due to the silk stretching when in contact with body temperature, we suggest restringing pearls every 12-18 months, even if they are worn infrequently. Please call our Burlington Arcade boutique on 0207 499 1364 for more information about our pearl restringing service.


Cubic Zirconia

We recommend you treat our cubic zirconia pieces as you would fine jewellery. Contact with make-up and perfume attracts dust which can cause the stones to appear dull. To avoid this we recommend putting your jewellery on after applying cosmetics and perfume. Most of our cubic zirconia pieces are mounted in sterling silver with either an 18 carat yellow gold or rhodium plating in order to prevent tarnishing. Do not use gold or silver polish as this may damage the finish. You can clean our cubic zirconia pieces using a dry soft cloth. Rings can be cleaned using a soft-headed toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly afterwards and pat dry with a soft cloth. Pieces with a closed back should not be submerged in water and should be cleaned professionally. Inevitably, after a certain amount of wear the plating may need to be refreshed – we are therefore delighted to offer gold plate or rhodium re-plating options in our list of services.



Fashion and Costume Jewellery

Most of our fashion pieces are made from base metal with a silver or yellow gold plated finish. As with all our jewellery, we recommend applying all cosmetics before wearing, as the chemicals in make-up and perfume can cause the plating to erode or become dull. To clean, always wipe with a soft dry cloth after each wearing. Do not use polish as this may damage the finish.    


CIRO's After-Care Services

Email us at should you wish to enquire about restoring or repairing Ciro jewellery. We offer a full list of services and are always on hand to assist.


Great care has been taken in creating your jewellery. To protect it and contribute to its longevity, we suggest that you store your jewellery separately and in its original packaging as metals and stones can scratch when they come into contact with each other.