Vesper Pendant (Rhodium)

  • £95.00

The classic Vesper Pendant is available in either a sterling silver rhodium-plated finish or 18 carat yellow gold plated finish in a wide range of sizes.


Please choose your preferred stone size and colour setting using the product drop-down.

Vesper earrings are also available in both gold-plated and rhodium plated settings.


Product Code

Rhodium-plated 6mm Solitaire: NSC 033650

Rhodium-plated 7mm Solitaire: NSC 033651

Rhodium-plated 11mm Solitaire: NSC 021944

Rhodium-plated 10mm Solitaire: NSC 021959 


Gold plated 10mm Solitaire: NSC 025450

Gold-plated 9mm Solitaire: NSC 025449

Gold-plated 8mm Solitaire: NSC 025448

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