Buying Bridal Jewellery - Our Advice April 20 2015

Choosing your wedding jewellery and other accessories can be pretty tricky, almost as difficult as choosing the perfect dress and shoes, but all you need to do is follow a few good rules of thumb and you can't go wrong. Here are our top tips for brides looking for the perfect rings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and the rest.

Buy the accessories last

Make sure you've got your wedding dress safely bought and purchased before you go jewellery shopping. This way, you'll know that the style of your accessories perfectly matches - it's much easier to take a bracelet or two back than it is to find another dress, after all.

Gold or silver

Choose one or other out of gold and silver, don't go for both. Decide which one works best with your chosen colour scheme and stick with that, or it could all end up looking ever so slightly messy.

Colour pops

A lot of brides play it safe when it comes to bridal jewellery and stick to something plain. You can really make your dress pop if you just add a splash of colour at your wrist or around your neck, so don't be scared to find some coloured accessories for your big day.

Chandelier earrings

Be a bit different on your wedding day and leave the statement necklace at home, replacing it with some beautiful chandelier earrings. You could even try and incorporate your birthstone in there somewhere, or find some earrings that have a colourful stone that matches one of the flowers in your bouquet.

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