Top 3 Ring Pillows For Brides & Grooms April 15 2015

Getting hitched? Got all your wedding jewellery sorted and ready to wear? Then now’s the time to turn your (no doubt very excited) thoughts to that moment when you and your partner exchange rings at the altar. Do you want your best man to be fumbling in his pocket for the rings or do you want to have them beautifully displayed on a charming ring pillow? The answer’s clearly the latter, so here are our top three ring pillows to help you find the right one for you.

Rustic charm

Tying both your wedding rings to this little burlap pillow, finished off with some cedar pine wood that’s had the world ‘love’ burned into it would be utterly charming if you’re having an outdoor wedding or are keen to incorporate natural elements into your big day. You can personalise this to a certain extent with your initials and wedding date as well – perfect!

MomoRadRose, £18.13

Fully personalised

This chunky little cushion – as seen in Brides and Wedding Ideas magazines – would be great for a really contemporary wedding. They can be personalised with both of your names, as well as your wedding date, and come in a variety of colours so you can match them to your wedding. They’re made from cotton and ivory satin, with some lovely ribbon and a button. Remember they’re handmade to order, though, so make sure you commission one with plenty of time to spare.

Miss Shelly Designs, £30

Pieces of a puzzle

These little jigsaw piece ring bearer ‘pillows’ may very well be our favourites – we love the symbolism of them and how they fit together, just like you and your other half. They come engraved with any message you like and we think they’d be a super sweet addition to any wedding day, no matter what style you’ve gone for.

KlickKlak Blocks, £32.19